Our Story

We Are Polo Players & Horse Trainers

We are a small operation based in La Pampa, Argentina and we make polo ponies year round.

Many of the polo ponies that we train are destined for high goal polo, but some are not meant for that level of play and are more comfortable in low or medium polo, hence we have a very deep and thorough understand of what it takes to make a polo pony for any level – low or medium polo included.

Our goal is take the training principles that we use at La Querencia and translate them into easy-to-understand fundamentals that a player at any level can implement at home. By making small changes  we believe anyone can enjoy better horses, and thus better polo.

We believe that good polo ponies start with solid foundations and that each horse should be approached as an individual. We strive to develop horses that are both strong in body and mind.

Francsico Elizalde 

Francisco “Fran” Elizalde is an 8-goal Argentine professional polo player.  Fran started playing “farm polo” at an early age in La Pampa and  now  competes internationally in high-goal tournaments in Argentina, Europe, Dubai and the United States. During the 2018 Argentine polo season he is playing for La Albertina Abu Dhabi in the Tortugas, Hurglingham and Argentine Open tournaments. 

Some of his other tournament highlights include: 

  • 2018 | Duke of Sutherland Semifinal
  • 2017 | Deauville Gold Cup, British Open Semifinal
  • 2017 | Dubai Gold Cup SemiFinal
  • 2016 | Copa Provincia de Buenos Aires
  • 2016 | Camara de Diputados Cup
  • 2016 | Municipalidad del Pilar Cup Final
  • 2015 | Argentine Republic Cup
  • 2014 | President Cup Final, Dubai Gold Cup Final
  • 2013 | Jockey Club Open
  • 2013 | Queens Cup Semifinal
  • 2013 | CV Whitney Cup Final
  • 2012 | British Open
  • 2013 | Dubai Gold Cup
  • 2012 | Camara de Diputados
  • 2012 | Sotogrande Gold Cup Semifinal
  • 2011 | Sotogrande Gold Cup

Sebastian Losauro

Sebastian is the Head Trainer and Manager and has been working in polo for 30 years. He has extensive experience as a trainer and polo program manager and has worked in the United States, England, Spain, Dubai and Argentina.

He is currently the lead trainer and program manager for Francisco Elizalde, an 8-goal Argentine polo pro, and has overseen the training and development for horses that have played in the Argentine Open, Hurlingham and Tortugas tournaments; in the United States Polo Championships Open; in the Queens Cup and Gold Cup in England; as well as many other high, medium and low goal tournaments. Having held similar training and management positions, as well formerly being a USPA 2-goal polo professional with his own polo school and low-to-medium goal sponsors in the United States, he has a unique perspective on what it takes train and develop polo ponies of all levels for all types of riders. Sebastian emphasizes focus on the horse as an individual in his training techniques with the end goal of enhancing their natural physical and mental ability to play better polo.